This course helps you discover the “golden nuggets” in your current situation that you are missing. Successfully recalibrate & go again to accomplish your goals.

When our current reality doesn’t match what we prefer we tend to want to get past it as quickly as possible to what’s next. It is counter-intuitive to choose to thoroughly investigate that current reality such that you discover the gold nuggets of insights within it that you are currently missing. These discoveries make all the difference between successful recalibrating and going again, or creating another miss. These disciplines are especially beneficial when failure occurs, or you are launching a new initiative, major changes are happening, or you are experiencing persistent problems that are proving difficult to resolve. We spell out the process as you investigate the five areas involved in successfully investigating your current reality.

Course # 301 - Investigating Current Reality

What's Included?

This module has five components:

  1. Audio Session (approx 1.5 hours)
  2. Mindfulness Exercises (4)
  3. Practice Guide
  4. Mind Map: Transformation as a Metaphor, 15 Transformational Disciplines & Practices
  5. Motivational Video & Music


Take this course and other courses in “Level Three” sequentially for optimized learning

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Investigating Current Reality

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  • Category: Level 3 - Creating Optimal and/or Unprecedented Results With Others
  • Timeframe: 4 weeks