This course helps you to replace existing conflict with deeper understanding, discovery, & collaboration. Master the steps to achieving this.


“Conflict resolution” is one of the most challenging dynamics in relationships today. This holds true for close relationships, work relationships, community relationships and beyond. Think about the amount of energy and breakdown that occur as a result of conflict in our lives today. This course focuses on integrated, holistic, best practices on how to walk out conflict such that you not only dissolve it, but replace it with deeper understanding, discovery, and collaboration. We explain the common responses to conflict, the three levels of conflict, and the nine steps to effectively resolving any conflict. This process is based on years of research, and it works! Think of what would be possible if you had surety in how to work your way through the conflicts in your life that currently exist. Get this course and find out how.

Course # 204 - Dissolving Conflict

What's Included?

This module has five components:

  1. Audio Session (approx 1.5 hours)
  2. Mindfulness Exercises (4)
  3. Practice Guide
  4. Mind Map: Transformation as a Metaphor, 15 Transformational Disciplines & Practices
  5. Motivational Video & Music


Take this course and other courses in “Level Two” sequentially for optimized learning

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  • Category: Level 2 - Engaging with Others
  • Timeframe: 4 weeks