This course helps you to lay the foundation for the four shifts
required to experience genuinely transformational results


Have you noticed how many talk about transformation these days but never even define what they mean by that? If you want specific transformational results in your life, you need to know what the specifics of transformation are. This course teaches what transformation is and how to effectively engage it. It dives into the specific components of transformation and the four shifts required to experience genuine transformational results.

Course # 101 - Transformation—What it is and How to Engage It

What's Included?

This module has five components:

  1. Audio Session (approx 1.5 hours)
  2. Mindfulness Exercises (4)
  3. Practice Guide
  4. Mind Map: Transformation as a Metaphor, 15 Transformational Disciplines & Practices
  5. Motivational Video & Music


Take this course and other courses in “Level One” sequentially for optimized learning

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Course 101
Transformation – What it is

Course 102
Taming the Brain

Course 103
Being Authentic

Course 104
Addressing Attitudes

Course 106
Commitment to Transformation

Course 105
Relationship With Failure

  • Category: Level 1 - Building Personal Awareness
  • Timeframe: 4 weeks