Intuition In Action From Our Blog Community

by Kris Kile

Nothing paints a picture like a well-told story. I love it when you all who read these blog posts weigh in with your thoughts either via email or Facebook posts. Please keep it up. Following are two true stories from our blog community regarding intuition in action. I think you will enjoy them.

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From Warren Walters

I was reading Kris’s post this morning that lists ten things people in touch with intuition do differently. The list was interesting on a number of fronts, but I locked in to the one that said they “pay attention to their dreams.”

I don’t have memorable dreams that often–maybe three to five times per year. But on several occasions through my life, dreams have been very instrumental in framing and clarifying what is really so for me, particularly in regard to making decisions.

When I was in my late 20’s and feeling the economic crisis in Texas around problem real estate and failed banks in the early 1990’s, I was facing unemployment at the financial institution with which I worked in Dallas. It was a frightening and de-stabilizing time as I was feeling the weight of being the sole earner for my four-person family. There was massive unemployment in the commercial real estate sector, and prospects looked grim for finding new work if I lost my current job. My company informed me that I would be laid off along with all the employees in fourteen different regional offices within the firm.

My only opportunity to remain employed by them was to move to New York and go to work in a different real estate-related unit of the bank. Every ounce of reason within me said that I should take the relocation and continue to be able to provide for my family with at least a modest level of security to get through the economic storm.

During the time I had to make the decision, I had a dream that involved my new/prospective boss that I had only met a time or two. The long and the short of the dream is that I went to visit him in his Manhattan home. Although the outside was opulent, it was absolutely empty and barren on the inside. He said he wanted to take me out for a jog, but after going half a block, he excused himself and told me to keep going. He said he had to get something but would catch up. A few minutes later, he showed up on his bicycle and started riding circles around me, taunting me for not being able to run faster and keep up with him on his bike. Feeling frustrated, humiliated and betrayed, I woke up.

I ultimately declined the relocation and decided to risk unemployment in Dallas instead. It turned out that my prospective boss’s actions in my dream were played out in real life over the next few months and years. I really dodged a bullet in not going to work for him, and while ultimately having to relocate somewhere else, it proved to be a far superior decision for my family and for my career.

The intuition provided from my dream was a helpful trump card in over-coming my reason, and it proved to be a turning point and stepping stone for my curren career path.

From Art Jansik

Many years ago I bought a house. One of my close friends who is a realtor and who’s opinion I highly value told me I was making a monumental mistake. They said it wasn’t worth the money and it might be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.


My gut was telling me otherwise. I just had this kind of knowing that it was the right thing for me to do. I ‘went with my gut’, bought it and I lived there for fifteen great years and sold the property for well over double the amount I paid for it.

Do you have any major decisions or issues you are engaging right now? 
How are you balancing intuition/gut instinct, emotional intelligence and rational thought to come up with a path forward?

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