Challenge Day!

by Kris Kile

I propose a change of pace today……and I am calling it Challenge Day.


We have been exploring many different aspects of taming the brain over the past few weeks. Today, let’s have some fun putting it into practice in a way that may surprise you in terms of impact. But, either way, the spirit of this is to have some fun with it.

So, here goes. I have one action challenge for you to try today and tomorrow, with as much intentionality as you can muster. If you purpose to do it, and forget, just pick it up again as you think of it.

Here’s Your Action Challenge……..


Your Action ChallengeEvery time you get in the car, BEFORE starting the engine….STOP, Breathe deeply and presence yourself for thirty seconds. Thirty seconds every time. Simply clear your mind and enjoy that present moment for thirty seconds.


Here are a couple suggestions to make it more fun…..

Be committed to take the challenge seriously, but no matter what, do this one exercise with an all out commitment to do it NON-JUDGMENTALLY. That means if you forget or mess up, you don’t get to chastise yourself, be disappointed in yourself, beat yourself up, or fall into some striving/achieving mindset. Nor do you blow it off with indifference. You just notice it, with neutrality and curiosity, and go again. Commit to do it, but with this attitude.

Remember, the goal is to PRACTICE BEING PRESENT.

I am doing the challenge also and I am really looking forward to it!


Also, I have a couple requests to help spread the word and have fun with this…..


Request Number One: Post on our Facebook page what you are noticing as you engage the Challenge.


Request Number Two: Share this challenge on your timeline (click on the Facebook icon below and then post it) and also forward this email to friends. Challenge all your friends to The Challenge and then start a dialogue about what you are noticing.



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