Creating An Opening For Increased Intentionality & Impact


by Kris Kile

Today, we wrap us this three-part impromptu foray into the realm of developing vision. If you missed the other two posts on this, you can access them by clicking here and here. Earlier this week, I mentioned that today was going to be a post with a fun challenge in it. That is still happening, and will come out on Monday, so stay tuned for it. I think you will enjoy it.

The more I think about what it takes to develop a compelling vision in life, the more I realize how many different ways there are to engage creating a vision.

So, here are my final random thoughts on this before we move on to our Challenge week next week. Then on to a new blog post series on creating results through promise, request and accountability.

In my experience in working with people in trainings and workshops, I would say that at least 50% of the time, they think they have no clear vision for their life, but, upon reflection, they discover that they are actually much more clear than they give themselves credit for.

They say, “I don’t have any clarity regarding my vision for my life.” Then we start talking about what they care about, what they are passionate about, what matters to them, where they love putting their energy, and all of a sudden they have at least one or more areas of life that really resonate with them. That is the stuff vision is made of.

Sometimes, we feel thwarted in pursuing areas of life we are passionate about due to circumstances of other situations. So, sometimes, you can “reverse engineer” clarity around your vision by looking at your frustrations and longings and reflecting upon what it is that you really desire. That can instruct your vision.

Often, I find that people think their vision has to be some big, impressive and significant thing. That is almost always a mistake. Your vision is about what matters to you, what you are passionate about, what resonates in your soul.

None of us have the crystal ball on what our intentional, focused visionary actions today are going to produce in the future. They may seem small, but the ripple effect can sometimes grow beyond what we would have expected. History is full of individuals who followed their passion/calling/vision and never saw the full fruits of it in their lifetime. Yet, it grew and made a huge difference with others after they were long gone.

Sometimes, it will suffice to put one foot in front of the other and pursue what seems to make sense in the moment, and then pay attention to what is occurring as you progress. Often, what we pre-suppose is our path takes turns that are fortuitous and in alignment with our true desire, even when we weren’t completely clear in the beginning.

At times, I find that looking in the rear view mirror to see where I have traveled in relation to where I currently am will create clarity as to the path I am on. I get clearer on my vision by looking afresh as to where I have traveled, and looking to notice the signposts along the way. This provides an opportunity to reflect upon what resonates, what is wanting to happen, and then contemplate next steps.

The clarity this process generates creates an opening for increased intentionality and impact.


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And don’t forget……A surprise fun challenge will be in Monday’s blog post!!
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