Why So Few Requests?

by Kris Kile


In the last blog post, I mentioned that, in my experience, making requests is the most underutilized conversation for action today.


Assuming this has some truth to it, what are the primary factors contributing to this? Why doesn’t making a request when we are ‘up against it’ or stuck, or ‘over our heads’ or in need of some assistance seem to occur to us?


That is the question I am putting to you as a member of this blog community. I would like to open it up to you and have you post your thoughts on our Facebook page.


My request–I am trying to practice what I preach here :-)–is that you consider and answer the following questions.


1. What assumptions do you have about yourself that get in the way of making requests of others?
2. What assumptions do you have about others that get in the way of making requests of them?
3. What assumptions do you have about situations that get in the way of making requests of others?


There are many things that can diminish the effectiveness of requests in creating powerful, effective action. But, for today, simple consider the three above assumptions.


Consider this within the context of real relationships you are in right now, or in the past. Consider this especially in light of relationships that are not working as well as you would like. Ask yourself the above three questions in that context.


This is an opportunity for you to directly impact this entire blog community with your response. I will post some of the responses in the next blog post on Friday. And you can all visit our Facebook page to see what others are saying.


This is worth us considering together. It is a huge topic. Effectively engaging the power of request can completely revolutionize your ability to create effective action and transformational results. Let’s collectively consider what gets in the way.


I look forward to reading your insights on our Facebook page!

Share on Facebook your answer to the above three questions regarding assumptions that get in the way of making requests of others.

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