Figuring Out The Why

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Figuring Out The Why 


By Kris Kile



We’ve been talking about taming our brain through mindfulness practices…specifically the attending to breath as a meditative practice. This practice can enable us to interrupt the endless automatic flow of non-intentional thought and hone our inner observer to notice how we are BEING.  


How we are BEING is the secret sauce of everything we do. My actions can be noble, but if they are done within an internal state of discontent, agitation, and stress they will produce a very different result than if they are done within a state of gratitude, peace, and openness.


When we get caught up in the endless tasks of doing,we tend to lose the value of the present moment as the key to everything.


Interrupting this natural tendency to be on a mindless autopilot throughout the day creates space to notice the subconscious drivers that are operating within us.


Why prioritize this so we can hone our inner observer and start noticing what is going on in our inner being? Why do the work?


Here is author Jon Kabat Zinn’s take on this….


In order for meditation practice to take root in your life and flourish, you will have to know why you are practicing.  How else will you be able to sustain non-doing in a world where only doing seems to count?  What will get you up early in the morning to sit and follow your breathing when everybody else is snug in bed? 
What will motivate you to practice when the wheels of the doing world are turning, your obligations and responsibilities are beckoning, and a part of you decides or remembers to take some time for “just being”? What will motivate you to bring moment-to-moment awareness into your daily life?  What will prevent your practice from losing energy and becoming stale or from petering out altogether after an initial burst of enthusiasm? – Jon Kabat-Zinn
Figuring out the why is a pre-requisite for maintaining this practice throughout life as well as throughout the day. What is your vision for who you desire to be? What attitudes, ways of being, and mindsets do you wish to transform to generate greater freedom, passion and power?


Think about the why. Get clear on your vision for embracing the gift of life you have been given. This will strengthen your intentionality in doing the work necessary to embrace and live that possibility.


What is your why? Share your thoughts and comments on Facebook.
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