How to Avoid Killing All Possibility For Transformation Growth

Judgment kills all possibility in a growth process. By judgment, I mean having fixed unquestioned assumptions about another person or group. We are all dynamic, and ever evolving beings. We never have the full picture of our (or others’) motives, influences, or biases. So, to arrive at a definitive, unquestioned, unassailable point of view of anything without any room for new learning is absurd. It is a destructive mind-set to adopt, and all possibility for learning ceases at that moment.


The alternative is to lead by example in “holding the space.” Holding the space is to suspend judgment, and intentionally, consciously engage an open, curious mindset that is respectful of the potential insight, talents, and thought processes of others. It consistently interrupts the human inclination to assume. It releases the need for certainty. It seeks to learn—both from others and the process.


We all judge. So, eliminating judgment is not the goal. The goal is to NOTICE when we are judging and to be willing to release the judgment to discover what is beyond it. It is a willingness to release our inherent desire to be right and be in control. That, in and of itself, is a marvelous act of giving.


The first step for a leader to hold the space for others is to hold it for themself. Their effectiveness in leading others into adopting this mindset will be directly proportional to their own ability to engage and adopt it themselves.

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