Great Insights You Gleaned From the Challenges


by Kris Kile


Congratulations to all of you who participated in the three challenges this past week! They all were simple challenges to invite being present in the moment.


The first challenge was to stop and be present for 30 seconds before starting your car.

Here are some insightful comments from our blog community:

Julie Henry said: I thought I would be frustrated, as I had a few errands to run on my way to work, with a specific amount allotted to get these things done. Each time I sat for 30 seconds. I began to giggle to myself, as I realized how ridiculous it was to be anxious over sitting there an ENTIRE 30 seconds!!  I found it very relaxing/calming and I hope to utilize this practice from time to time. 
J McClure Steele said: I noticed that I had tunnel vision about my agenda and ‘to do’ list at first. That’s when I normally start the truck and get moving. Staying there made me aware of the opportunities ahead that I would have overlooked otherwise. I noticed so much more and actually connected some dots in my life about how avoiding emotional pain in the past has cost me emotional connecting in the present. Thank you.
Leslea Linebarger said: I’ve been trying the exercise this week and like how it slows me down and changes my perspective. Is where I’m headed so time critical that I don’t have 30 seconds to stop and be attentive? Usually not. Similar to meditation, stopping my activity of the moment to come to awareness brings clarity and peace.
The second challenge was to eat mindfully for at least two minutes in a day.
Here are some of your comments:
Patricia Mitzel said: I had my grandson for a couple of days so it was a pleasure to take a breath and watch him eat/explore the new textures (refried beans). As he explored I stopped to feel the textures…the smells. I think he has the right idea about eating…slow down.
Leslea Linebarger said: This exercise not only helped my notice all the flavors in my food, it made me grateful for what I was tasting and even the ability to taste. It was a much richer sensory experience, and slowing down was a good thing. I felt I could almost hear. “Notice, taste, savor, enjoy…all the gifts from my hand.” Thanks for the challenge!
Thanks to all of you who shared your experience! The comments above are great encouragement to me to stay intentional with these practices and work towards engaging them more habitually.
Developing these habits to the point where we do them more often than not can take years. But, as you can see from the above comments, any progress is great progress and generates so much value.
The third challenge was to start your day as soon as you wake up with at least two minutes of clearing your mind, attending to your breathing and being present in your body and surroundings.

Let us know what you experienced in this third challenge by posting on our Timeline on Facebook by clicking here.

We announce the winners of the contest in Wednesday’s blog!

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