What is intentionality?

by Kris Kile
We are in a blog post series exploring Conversations For Action, creating effective action and results.  The context of the last two blog posts has been focused on engagement, as evidenced by the engagement level of workers in America, according to the Gallup Organization.
My premise is that when an employee (or spouse, or parent, or friend, or associate, or son or daughter, community member) is either not engaged or actively disengaged (68.5 % of American workers are in these two categories) their activity will not accomplish what it could without a higher level of engaged intentionality.


The way Gallup defines it, engagement includes three key elements…involvement, enthusiasm, and commitment.


When engagement levels are low, engaged intentionality helps catalyze effective action and the desired results. So, what is engaged intentionality?


Intentionality involves purposefulness…….having a clear purpose and being clear and aware in the moment as to what that purpose is.


You could say that intentionality is grounded, present purposefulness.


Being grounded is about checking in with yourself, clearing distracting mental chatter and honing in on your purpose.


Being present is bringing all your energy to the moment in a focused way.


Purposefulness is being up to a specific desire result with commitment.


Think about this in light of a specific situation in your life where your engagement level is low, but you desire to increase it.


Start your path towards effective action and results with increasing your engaged intentionality.
Next, we start exploring the “doing” side of this equation.


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