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When considering what it takes for transformational growth and change, there a few “moving parts” to the equation. Our culture puts such a heavy emphasis on cognitive understanding that we often think that this, in and of itself, leads to effective doing and being. “Cognitive” means the mental processes of perception, memory, judgment and reasoning, as contrasted with emotional and instinctual intelligence.


While these mental processes are marvelous and a definite part of what makes us unique as humans, they are only part of the intelligence we have available to us.


We have three (not one) intelligence centers to draw from, and they are all critical when it comes to transformation. In addition to the mental (head) intelligence center, we also have our emotional (heart) intelligence center and our instinctual (body) intelligence center.


Transformation that sticks necessarily includes all three aspects of intelligence. While we may not be consciously aware of our emotional or instinctual intelligence centers as much as our mental intelligence center, they still are enormously influential in our decision making and experience of living. For example, it is generally accepted as marketing basics that people make buying decisions based on emotions and instincts. Then they confirm the decision through rational reasoning.


So, while emotions and instincts are huge drivers in our lives, we generally are less aware of how they are working and how to tap them as a valuable resource. We tend to simply unconsciously bow to their influence. Adding a deep awareness of how all three intelligence centers work in concert in our body is a key step towards living transformation as a lifestyle rather than just embracing it as a concept.


Here at Transform Institute, we are committed to interweaving all three intelligence centers into the learning opportunities we offer you. The program that most effectively weaves the concepts of transformational disciplines and practices into a holistic application that embraces the entirety of our being is the Insiders Club.


I encourage you to check it out, by clicking on the promo for it on this page. It is an ongoing weekly learning program that embraces all three learning centers and encourages the participants to do this in community, which is another key element of having transformation stick.


Also, we are offering a terrific deal on our Being Authentic module, which includes the Being Authentic chapter of our book, Transform, plus a deeper drill down in an audio conversation between Lata and me, and very practical practices to help you build deeper authenticity in your life. If you have enjoyed the recent blog posts on authenticity, this would be a great next step on going deeper in that arena.


Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life! We are honored and look forward to continuing on this exploratory journey together.


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Kris and Lata



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