The “Secret Sauce” In Generating The Results You Want

We are all “being” and “doing” creatures. We do things and we have a particular way of being in which we do them. I can ask you “What are you doing?” To ask that is an act of doing. I can also commit that act of doing through a variety of different ways of being. I can be angry, or be sad, or be joyous, or incredulous, or inquisitive, or fearful, or dismayed, or disgusted, or dispassionate, or excited, or enthused, or shocked, or flabbergasted…….lots of options on ways of being.


When we are “automatically” going through our day, we tend to diminish our capacity for creativity when it comes to our way of being. We tend to give control over to our circumstances to determine our way of being.


But, transformational living understands that my way of being is the “secret sauce” in generating whatever results I am creating. If I don’t like the results I am creating, I have an almost unlimited array of new ways of being I can shift to in order to potentially open up a new possibility for new results.


This is a discipline that requires practice. It is not necessarily easy and sometimes takes some time. But, self observing my attitude and way of being, and self reflecting upon the internal conversations and beliefs that are fueling it can start me on the path to choosing new internal conversations and points of view that support shifting to a more resourceful way of being.


Try it out. Practice it. The need for intentional practice of this never goes away.

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