The Three Critical Keys To Discovering Unconscious Limiting Beliefs

Stopping our natural tendency to “be on automatic” and intentionally becoming “present” is a rare occurrence. Yet, to do so is one of the most powerful disciplines in life. It is the first step to new awareness. It interrupts assumption and limiting beliefs by first stopping long enough to notice them.


How do you notice a limiting belief that you were not aware of before?

Three key critical things to notice are:

• Your experience of living
• The results you are producing and
• What you are currently learning


If your experience is not what you desire, and/or the results not what you want, and/or the learning less than you wish, then it is a mortal lock that limiting beliefs are in the mix.


Rather than resign yourself to “the way it is,” you can always choose to STOP the “Merry-Go-Round,” get off, and start REFLECTING on what you are noticing. You first self observe, then self reflect upon what you observed—all being done with open curiosity.


Doing this regularly as a practice is a powerful discipline for noticing and redesigning limiting beliefs. It helps you break through previously unquestioned limitations. It empowers you to fully engage your heartfelt commitments with renewed freedom and passion.


Try it today. Identify a situation that is not going as you wish. Take a few minutes in a quiet place to clear your mind and reflect on what you are observing regarding your experience, the results, and what you are learning. Be open to what you before weren’t noticing.

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