You Do Not Want To Miss Today’s Challenge

by Kris Kile

On Monday, we had a challenge day. If you missed that, check it out here.

How did that go for you?

Did you engage the challenge-every time you get in the car, before starting the engine…STOP, breathe deeply and presence yourself for thirty seconds? If so, what occurred and did you share it on the timeline?

If not, you still can, by clicking here. If you did the challenge, post about what occurred. If you forgot or something got in the way, post about that.

Today I have a new challenge for you, AND WITH THIS CHALLENGE WE INITIATE A CONTEST YOU CAN WIN! Details are below.



 Today, as often as you remember-but at least one time-when you are eating something-stop eating automatically and be fully present as you are eating for at least two minutes.

Notice the taste, the texture, the smells…the entire experience. For two minutes minimum, be fully present while you are eating. Do it as many times as you can.

Here are the details of how you can win a prize through participating in these challenges:

Five people this week will win a free copy of our Tame The Brain Learning Module. That includes the reading material, two plus hours of drill down audio, and an excellent participant’s guide. It is a $99.95 value!

Here is how you win:

1. By posting the three challenges this week on your own timeline for your friends (Monday’s post, today’s post and Friday’s post are all “Practicing Presence” challenges.) Posting each of these three blog posts on your timeline is worth 3 points….everytime you do it.

2. Comment and share regarding the post by clicking on the Facebook share icon at the bottom of this post. Each comment on any of the three blog posts this week is worth 2 points….everytime you do it.

3. Like this post on Facebook. Just click on the Like button associated with each of the three posts this week on Facebook. This is worth 1 point…everytime you do it.

Monday, we will tally up the points accumulated by all those participating and announce the five top points winners on the August 12th blog post. Each will receive a free copy of our Tame The Brain module.

Have fun with the challenge today as you practice being present when eating!

Request Number One: Post on our Facebook page what you are noticing as you engage the Challenge.

Request Number Two: Share this challenge on your timeline (click on the Facebook icon below and then post it) and also forward this post to friends. Invite all your friends to The Challenge and then start a dialogue about what you are noticing.


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