Turning Your Brain Into a Tool for Transformation Instead of Resistance & Stuckness

by Kris Kile

To say any ONE thing is THE KEY to health and wellbeing is probably too simplistic.

However, a good case can be made that you have no shot at long-term health and well being if you are not committed to taming-the-brain disciplines and practices. Are diet, exercise, relationships and other things key also? Absolutely.
But, the fact is that taming the brain interweaves every single healthy practice we can engage. It also weaves its way through every transformational discipline and practice I can think of.
We are going to move on to other topics next week. But, I want to offer you a one-time opportunity to enjoy our Taming The Brain learning module before we move on. To be clear, this module is on sale on our web site every day. But, what I am offering you today is a one-time-only price. Today through Monday, we are selling the Taming The Brain learning module for $19.95. That price will be gone forever as of midnight Monday.
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Our Taming the Brain learning module, a $99 value, includes the following:
  • Our simple, yet powerful Taming the Brain article
  • A Powerful Self-Study guide, chock full of practices that produce results
  • An hour & a half Audio Program that really unpacks the details of how this works & how to engage it.
This Taming The Brain Module will teach you:
  • How to order the external chaos of life & overcome overwhelmedness
  • How to bring things to closure
  • How to de-stress, promote calmness, peace and balance
  • Eleven keys to overcoming emotional flooding
  • Five quick practices to create brain balance and integration
  • How to create emotional brain/thinking brain balance “on the fly”
  • How to turn impatience into patience
  • How to overcome feeling trapped by circumstances
  • How to eliminate avoiding
In this Taming The Brain Module we cover:
  • The foundation for taming the brain
  • How to deal with threat responses
  • How to apply this in challenging relationships
  • How to redirect your energy going in a resourceful direction
  • How to deal with the survival mindset of our culture
  • The critical role mirror neurons play
We are offering all this for a one-time price of $19.95. This price is good until Monday midnight. This price goes away forever then.
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Use PROMO CODE: TAME1 (all caps)
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