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Many thanks to all of you who answered our survey!  Your responses were very helpful and informative.


We are providing you the survey results in this blog, so you can see what areas were of the most interest.


But first, we are pleased to announce the five winners of the Being Authentic Learning Program today! This program includes an article detailing the seven building blocks of authenticity, with an audio conversation with Lata and I drilling down deeper into the disciplines and practices of authenticity and some terrific Participant Guide exercises, and applications to help build authenticity into your life.


So, drum roll please…… are the winners!
Lisa Brown, Aaron Lembcke, Amber Tippet,
Cathy Winand, and Pam Holt




We will contact you on how to download
the Being Authentic Learning Program.
If you were not a winner and would like to still have this program, there is a link to details below. We are still offering this at a deep discount, $24.95 for one more week. Click here to find out more.

Survey Results



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  • Then Sundays will be Survey Sunday on Facebook, where we will post a survey to create an opportunity to hear from you.

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