Where Do You Want To Transform Your Engagement?


by Kris Kile

In the previous post I said that, according to the Gallup Organization, only 31.5% of American workers are engaged (involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace). When it comes to generating effective action and results, engagement is an important piece to the puzzle. It is not the whole enchilada, but it matters.

Engagement has to do with our way of being. The 68.5% of American workers who are either not engaged (51%) or actively disengaged (17.5%) are probably generating action and results at least part of the time, or they would be fired. But, their activity will not accomplish what it could without a higher level of engaged intentionality.


Engagement includes three key elements…involvement, enthusiasm, and commitment.


I encourage you to choose one or more areas of your life that matter to you, but you recognize your engagement is lacking….your level of involvement, enthusiasm, and commitment are not where they need to be to support effective action and results.


Choose something you really want to work on. If something in your life is lacking engagement, but you consider it a lost cause, then choose something else that you will be willing to make some changes for.


It could be a key relationship-spouse, child, parent, friend, co-worker, or someone else.


It could be vocational–your job, your volunteer activity, your church, community service, recreational pursuits, or something else.


It could be personal issues-your health, exercise, diet, addictions, learning something you need to know, busyness, being over-scheduled, or something else.


Choose at least one area, or more if you desire. Choose an area you are willing to do some real work on. And, as we go through this exploration of generating effective action and results, you can consider everything through the filter of applying it especially in the area or areas you have chosen.


The vision here is to transform the area you choose.
By that I mean you create entirely new ways to relate, new possibilities in the experience you are having, what you are learning, and the results you are generating.


We will explore how we are being, and what we are doing. These are interwoven and either compliment each other or detract from each other.


Not only is how you are being a powerful influence on the effectiveness of what you are doing, but how you do what you do will either predispose you to effective ways of being or not.


We will explore this from both sides of this equation.



Question: What is one area you are going to focus on? Post your answer on Facebook.


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