Pondering Your Relationship With Trust

by Kris Kile
Is trust unconditional? Think about it. What is your answer to that question?


Maybe your answer is “It depends.”


If that is so, what does it depend upon for you?


And does it vary from situation to situation?


And do you approach this differently depending upon the situation and what you perceive is at stake?


Or do you approach it the same all the time?


And, regardless of what your answers are to each of these questions, ask yourself “how come.” What are the assumptions and drivers that influence those answers?


Here is another question….do you believe that most people relate to trust in the same way you do? If so, how come? If not, how come?


Who do you tend to easily trust and who do you tend to automatically not trust? How come? When did that start?


What happens for you when someone breaks a promise or betrays you? How does that impact whatever trust you have with them?


We have an opportunity to do some real work with this ongoing consideration of trust. How we relate to trust has a profound impact on all aspects of our life. I believe it is enmeshed in everything we do.


So, to generate maximum value from your consideration of this dynamic of trust, it will require maximum participation on your part.


One key element of participation that will generate value for you is to personalize this topic.
  • Contemplate it.
  • Self observe and self reflect upon how it works in you-how it lives in you.
  • Don’t look for quick, “silver bullet” answers that resolve everything so you can move on.
  • Marinate in it.
  • Allow the consideration to seep into the cracks and crevices of your heart and mind and soul.
  • Put it on the back burner on simmer and let it cook.
When I approach something like this in that manner, it ultimately reveals so much that I didn’t know that I didn’t know about how it operates in me. This one is worth putting that level of effort into.


And, please post on our Facebook timeline what you are noticing and discovering, or any other comments you would like.

Your contribution is stimulating and catalytic. Don’t underestimate that.



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